We’re not going to think our way out of this mess. We’re going to feel our way out.

And everything I need to know about the web, I learned from feminism.

I believe that business now has to try to solve the same problem social justice advocates have done a pretty good job of cataloguing. Underneath “community” and “customer relationship management” and flow are all ways of being with other people that are conscious of being part of a networked world.

I’m Heather Gold. I’m a comedian and social artist whose been working on the web since its earliest days. This chocolate/ peanut butter combo led me to explore ways of  creating social and performance space that I wanted: a place where we could publicly be ourselves together. I learned to DJ people. More on my and my shows here.

I performed with, for and interview many geeks and some of them began to ask how I was doing them. Why were people (supposedly with short attention spans) staying so long and so involved?

So I started to nerd out for other nerds about social engagement.

I explained some of why and how I learned to tummel at Google and continue to speak a lot on authenticity, social engagement and the emotional stuff underneath. I also do a weekly podcast with some friends about the growing way in which people are tummeling, that is making connections and  helping things and people stay engaged in a networked world.

Command and control is not sustainable. It’s resource intensive (though those who benefit from this old, industrial era way of doing stuff are fighting insanely hard to hold on and protect what they have). For more on the disruption of the end of the industrial era and the new world we’re now in, please look at economist Umair Haque‘s work.

I also teach how to do this in UnPresenting workshops which help people make the presentational conversational.

I’ve had many people ask me to write a book for some time. Since I work best in public and the very point of what I want to inquire into are things both public and conversational, it makes sense to write WITH the same way.

Since WITH is about creating space for relationships in which we are really ourselves WITH each other, it makes sense to write this WITH you. WITH explores the disruption and what we can have through an emotional, personal performers lens. It’s my point of view. I’m no economist. I don’t fit into any one category well at all and that’s probably why I care so much about this.
If there are ways for me to make WITH a performance, it’ll make me happy. But I’m accepting that it makes sense to have a place to not just show but do a certain amount of telling. So here we are.

I’ll be speaking and performing at various places as my way of making this book in public. If you’d like to bring this writing tour to you, contact me. Please tag your public posts with #WITH and please converse with me on twitter.com/@heathr and reply here in this open Google Doc.

I’m listening.

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