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What Do You Mean By That?

The Future of Text, Stanford 2016

Nerd, Know Thyself
Adaptive Path’s UX Week, San Francisco
Emotional awareness is at the centre of being WITH someone.
Thinking about emotion is like trying to learn how to ride a bike by reading a book. In order to really understand interactions between people, you need to employ your own emotional awareness and emotional experience. Feeling is a critical capacity to build, especially as machines get better at doing everything else. This talk shows you how to use the moment to build emotional capacity and how performance and comedy can use more than your thinking self to make better experiences

Hannah Arendt Center at Bard: Being Human In An InHuman World Conference
Oct 23/10
You’ll see some of the performance style of being “with” a room.

Google Sydney, Australia
Jun 8/11

Tools for Tummeling
WordCamp SF, Mainstage, San Francsico
August 2011
You’ll see some of the performance style of being “with” a room and sculpting the social space of it. But it’s a thing that is felt and video focussed only on the stage may not capture it entirely.

How to Be a Tummler: Design for Conversation
Google Talk, Silicon Valley

Authenticity is the new Authority
Web 2.0 Keynote, San Francisco
Mar 31/09

everything I need to know about the web I learned from feminism

Feminism teaches “the personal is political” and the web shows that the personal is now public. Christmas newsletters and recipes are the social media of their time, and women are the key social nodes of our culture. In her comic and though-provoking style, Heather Gold brings together amazingly smart women and the people f/k/audience to discuss what makes social networks strong and predict where they’re heading next online.

SXSW, Austin
Mar 14/09

Being “Public” in Private
We are all performance artists now.
140 Conference, New York
Jul 15/09

Life in Perpetual Beta interview
I am not my keywords.
SXSW, Austin
March 2011

When the things in my life that were “too big to fail,” failed. (4 min)
“We’ve outsourced our sense of self to institutions that fail.”
“What it takes to be whole person is to know that you’re seen. That’s what drives the growth of the Web.”
ContactCon opening provocation, NYC
October 2011

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